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If you're like most coaches, you enjoy coaching but not selling and marketing. 

You'd rather be supporting your client's transformation than focusing on selling your services. 

I can appreciate that, we aren't taught how to generate revenue in our coach training programs. 

Yet generating revenue is a critical component to running a profitable coaching practice. 

This Roadmap is for YOU if:  

You need to establish your niche and identify ideal prospects 

You need to get comfortable selling your value 

You need to identify 3 lead generation channels 

About Connie Kadansky

A Noted Authority on Revenue Development Stratagies 

The first cornerstone when choosing a trainer and coach is to find a person who is a proven authority in that area of expertise. Connie Kadansky has worked with powerhouse organizations including Fortune 50 corporations, Universities, Multi-national organizations, and National non-profits & Associations. She has also been written about or written in publications including The Wall Street Journal, CEO, Inc., Bloomberg Businessweek, Investor’s Business Daily, Small Business Opportunities, and many more.

Connie’s speaking, training, and coaching offers tools and techniques that help coaches immediately break through personal barriers, improve their prospecting skills, and begin to significantly increase their appointments. In addition, participants learn technical and motivational skills that help them to continue the improvement process. 

Get on the Road to Revenue Generation

See what my clients say.

"The biggest impact for me was it changed my mindset from this is a chore to this is something I can play with and have fun with. I’m over the hump in marketing and this is the first time I have ever been able to do that. There is a momentum that I want to sustain."

- Mary Anne Walsh, Ed.D.

"Connie Kadansky helped me to gain back some of my confidence in my overall professionalism and reboot my frazzled overwhelmed psyche. Finding this safe place to verbally process and self-reflect on the evolution of my personal brand allowed me to envision my worth so I could seek out the ROI I deserve, with the confidence level needed to succeed in the endeavor."

-Wendy Passer, Brain-Based Coach  

"Being in this mastermind group has helped me focus and expand my ideas of successful business and how to get there. The synergy of the group, along with the facilitation of topics and discussion helped solidify my path from individual coaching to business or corporate coaching. Having the organization and structure of the agenda kept the meetings professional, supportive and transformational."

-Molly McCormick MA, CPPC

Start on the Road to Revenue Generation Today!